Digital Project Life | Week Twelve

Good morning project life'rs!  Much to share this week. 
Number one: Crazy weather. (Any fellow Okies out there?) 
Number two: Baseball has officially kicked in.
Number three: Mud puddles.
Number four: Food.
Number five: Food. {O wait, I already said that.}
redo- Number five: The Hunger Games!! O MY GOODNESS! O MY GOODNESS!
Such a FANTASTIC movie!  The boys and I were on the edge of our spilled candy seats throughout the entire 2 1/2 hours.  If you haven't dared to get out there and see it.  Get out there and see it!
Moving on:  I had so much going on this week...  I kept it simple: Did Not Once overthink..... well maybe I did for a second...  Here's what I come up with....
Lots of snapshots. Lots to say. So I gathered all my thoughts about our week on a scrap piece of paper and placed it smack dab in the middle of the week.

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Digital Project Life | Week Eleven + A Freebie

This week was so fun! Well, actually I've discovered that every week ends up being fun no matter.
Maybe it's because I'm purposely searching for something fun to add to my week.
Maybe it's because my life is sometimes so full that I must take the time to find some fun.
I absolutely love......  this time of the year!  Spring rain in the air.  Thunder. Lightning. Lord help us.
Tornados. This is the beauty of living in Oklahoma my friends. Spring around here is literally up in the air. It could be 70 one beautiful spring day,  the next day, we could experience a blizzard in  March. I love to hear my Dad and Mom tell stories about Oklahoma's crazy weather history.
Moving on:  Here's my week eleven.

Bugs!  Caterpillars. Crickets. Grasshoppers. Beetles. Rolly Polly's. Oh! My!
We are so thrilled with our new bug pet Calli... I had to use most of the photos. I couldn't help it.
The Good Luck photos of My Dad, Jeff and the older boys playing horseshoes.  Perfectly fitting for this week.
As for the one and only 'ringer' .....just in case you were curious.  Yep, it was Jeff.

Fun in Green.  All things Green. 
I divided this photo into 4- 3x4 journal card masks.
I took the closeups of the 'green colored' yummies and shaped them into clovers using three different clover masks.

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Digital Project Life | Week Ten + A Freebie

Week 10: A normal week indeed.
A teenage driver in training.  DS playing.
Painting and more painting.
Home building shopping.
Drum playing.
Happy to be normal... normal is just...

I was so happy with the normalness (is that even a word?) of this week. 
I wanted to add some normalness to the layouts.
So I started writing directly on the journal cards.
This is what I came up with and love the fact I'm embracing normalness and imperfection!
You can download my handwritten days and numbers FREE.
Click on the preview.

Now I'm off to buy some more paint!  And then paint my little arms off the rest of this beautiful spring day!  Thanks for stopping by! ~Melanie

Digital Project Life | Week Nine 2 of 2 + A Freebie

Update on week nine... so I'm caught up and ready to post week ten.
With a smile on my face I glance back over my finished spread when I notice.....the date on my scanned and neatly arranged ticket stubs are clearly stamped [Mar 2]. eek! Yep, I had mismanaged my dates.  Surely I'm not the only imperfect project lifer out there?  I threw these words out on twitter...  "What to do when days are missed?"  Without one single 'tweet back'... I am the only forgetful project lifer, surely by the end of the day someone will come forward.....

Here's my simple solution: Just in case there is someone besides me willing to:
{{Admit that I actually missed a big story and add an insert into the proper week!
no biggie ... it's not challenging to admit missing something as important as the Lorax!}}

Ok,  you heard it here first.....the MAIN reason for my "I can't believe I forgot The Lorax madness" is.... I made an entire journal card kit to share!!  And yes, I'm a wee bit excited about it!


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Happy St Patty Day | Freebie

St. Patty's Day is right around the corner. 
Click on the preview to download.
No strings, just a little appreciation freebie for my readers.
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Digital Project Life | Week Nine 1 of 2 + A Freebie

Sticking to my newly discovered motto: Simple is More. Here's a look at week nine....

These journal cards are 3x4 side by side from the turquoise project life digital kit.
To avoid the 'over done' look, I simply highlighted week nine in a few words.

Oh: and I love my phone! Ok, actually I'm obbessed with it.  I finally jumped the fence and am now a proud owner of an iphone! WOOT! Cannot believe I have waited this long.  Don't see myself going back. EVER! Instagram... Your the bestest photo app EVER! Out of my excitement .... I created a 3x4 phone journal card to display my journaling for this layout.

Right here "remember this moment" indeed. Ruger's first time to sit in front of his drum set.  Snapped with my iphone and instagram filters.  :)

When the movie Cars was released we lived in WA.  I remember my kids looking at me with 'doubt' in their eyes when I mentioned ... The town I'm from in OK has that road running right down the middle of it.  So the other day when we passed the sign- we pass all the time.  One of the kids 'yelled' ... You know Route 66?  It's still there!  Laughing I stopped the car, backed up and snapped a pic.

Our cuddly cat Moon.  Ok, in this photo he don't look to thrilled that he's being cuddled; does he?
That wraps up week nine. Feel free to leave a comment and a link to your project life. And now:
the freebie.
Enjoy! ~Melanie

Digital Project Life | Week Eight

Top ten {10} reasons to love this week:
  1. Storm Clouds

  2. Country Ponds

  3. Front Porch Sittin'

  4. Target Shopping

  5. Shoe Shopping at Kohl's

  6. Paint Chip Choosing

  7. The View from my Rear View Mirror

  8. Car dozing

  9. Instagram Lovin'

  10. Starbucks Enjoyin'
Moving on...  Not to many snapshots to add so this should be easy.
A simple two page spread.  Not to many words.  Happy that I captured the week flawlessly without trying.  What's the chances of me pulling this off again?  I know: but I'm gonna try.  Try not to be such an over thinker.  New Motto: Simple is More.  Well, I suppose we'll see how I hold up to that. *wink

Instagram love.....  I see a collage of just instagrams coming soon.

Sewing the paint chip banner was so fun.  I did it for each kids room.

Digital Project Life | Week Seven + A Freebie

Complete Joy.  Have you ever had one of 'those' weeks?  Exactly what this week was like. Crazy happenings. Crazy. Just Crazy. Some tough 'family' moments. Snow. You know the irony of it all?
Valentines plopped itself smack dab in the middle of it all and I'm so glad it did.  Here's a look at our week seven, and a giveaway..... Many snapshots this week.  Snow fun on Monday. This is our first and so far our only 'real' snow.

Valentines to follow on Tuesday.  Love heart day so much!  Well, who in there right mind doesn't right? I treated the kids to strawberry flavored marshmallows in their hot cocoa matched up with a heart shaped brownie and of course candy! Jeff treated me to a dozen roses and a box of chocolates!Yes, I do love my man!

I think it's awesome how Target and Starbucks is almost a weekly project life must have.
I like to see the statistics on how many project lifer's include Target?

Here's how I created the sheetrock background for the journal card.

That wraps up week seven.   And now... for the FREEBIE......


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