Digital Project Life | Week Seven + A Freebie

Complete Joy.  Have you ever had one of 'those' weeks?  Exactly what this week was like. Crazy happenings. Crazy. Just Crazy. Some tough 'family' moments. Snow. You know the irony of it all?
Valentines plopped itself smack dab in the middle of it all and I'm so glad it did.  Here's a look at our week seven, and a giveaway..... Many snapshots this week.  Snow fun on Monday. This is our first and so far our only 'real' snow.

Valentines to follow on Tuesday.  Love heart day so much!  Well, who in there right mind doesn't right? I treated the kids to strawberry flavored marshmallows in their hot cocoa matched up with a heart shaped brownie and of course candy! Jeff treated me to a dozen roses and a box of chocolates!Yes, I do love my man!

I think it's awesome how Target and Starbucks is almost a weekly project life must have.
I like to see the statistics on how many project lifer's include Target?

Here's how I created the sheetrock background for the journal card.

That wraps up week seven.   And now... for the FREEBIE......


Sorry, download no longer available, and has been downloaded 21 times.
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I would love to see your project life pages. Thanks for stopping by.

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