Digital Project Life | Week Eight

Top ten {10} reasons to love this week:
  1. Storm Clouds

  2. Country Ponds

  3. Front Porch Sittin'

  4. Target Shopping

  5. Shoe Shopping at Kohl's

  6. Paint Chip Choosing

  7. The View from my Rear View Mirror

  8. Car dozing

  9. Instagram Lovin'

  10. Starbucks Enjoyin'
Moving on...  Not to many snapshots to add so this should be easy.
A simple two page spread.  Not to many words.  Happy that I captured the week flawlessly without trying.  What's the chances of me pulling this off again?  I know: but I'm gonna try.  Try not to be such an over thinker.  New Motto: Simple is More.  Well, I suppose we'll see how I hold up to that. *wink

Instagram love.....  I see a collage of just instagrams coming soon.

Sewing the paint chip banner was so fun.  I did it for each kids room.