Digital Project Life | Week Nine 1 of 2 + A Freebie

Sticking to my newly discovered motto: Simple is More. Here's a look at week nine....

These journal cards are 3x4 side by side from the turquoise project life digital kit.
To avoid the 'over done' look, I simply highlighted week nine in a few words.

Oh: and I love my phone! Ok, actually I'm obbessed with it.  I finally jumped the fence and am now a proud owner of an iphone! WOOT! Cannot believe I have waited this long.  Don't see myself going back. EVER! Instagram... Your the bestest photo app EVER! Out of my excitement .... I created a 3x4 phone journal card to display my journaling for this layout.

Right here "remember this moment" indeed. Ruger's first time to sit in front of his drum set.  Snapped with my iphone and instagram filters.  :)

When the movie Cars was released we lived in WA.  I remember my kids looking at me with 'doubt' in their eyes when I mentioned ... The town I'm from in OK has that road running right down the middle of it.  So the other day when we passed the sign- we pass all the time.  One of the kids 'yelled' ... You know Route 66?  It's still there!  Laughing I stopped the car, backed up and snapped a pic.

Our cuddly cat Moon.  Ok, in this photo he don't look to thrilled that he's being cuddled; does he?
That wraps up week nine. Feel free to leave a comment and a link to your project life. And now:
the freebie.
Enjoy! ~Melanie


  1. I love the clean simple look. Less can definitely be more. I really like the dated journal cards.

    1. Thank you! The dated journal cards are from BH turquoise set.

  2. I love simple AND your pages! Great job! Hugs!!