I invite you to join me for a cup of dark roast or sweet iced tea, kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

"I live in Oklahoma with my husband and home school our four children.
Sharing my love for the everyday, photography, reading, bible study and graphic design is what I do."

"That darling sweet smiling face with me in the photo above is my only daughter as well as my designing, photo snapping, bible reading sidekick.  She shows up quite a bit around here."
I started this blog as a means of accountability with my ladies group during a bible study at our church. Also, like everyone else that starts a blog, I thought I had something interesting to say.

I shared some of my digital scrapbook pages for family. I never dreamed doing so would open the door to so many opportunities where I was able to meet and create for some really awesome designers. 

Somewhere in the middle of sharing bible study homework, digital scrapbook pages, and babbling about life;  I threw up a home education post. It was then I realized I had a blend of readers. So I went for it and started sharing bits of my life as it happened, if I was doing a bible study, I would post about that.  When that was over I would start sharing scrapbook pages again.  When we did something fun for school I would share that. 

This blog has evolved into something beyond yours truly, it is so much more about the very ones that own my heart. My husband and our four children.  It is about them being okay with me snapping the camera constantly and telling stories about them in this space. 

Blogging is a 'creative oasis' for me. It is my joy to share with you. It makes my day to receive a kind comment or email from my readers.
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