Believe | Hidden Strength

this is a devo post from the word anew 2010 posted on May 17.
Good Morning,
and a happy morning it is indeed, the Lord has blessed NWWA with yet another day of beautiful sunshine.
Indeed this is a happy monday, what a fabulous way to kick off a new week.
As I was listening to the birds sing on my deck this morning, I was drawn to Isaiah 40.
I believe the Lord has a way of pin pointing my thoughts to the exact place I need to be as I read His Word.
I know without a doubt that verse 29 is the verse my family needs right now.
Without going into much detail- my husbands brother-n-law will be going through throat cancer treatments soon.
This was of course a shock, no warning. We have been in prayer this past week, morning, noon and night.
We continue to pray for hidden strength that only the Lord can provide us with.

My prayer this morning..

"Heavenly Father,
Right now my family may not feel so courageous, Lord.
When we look at life's challenges, we feel so small and inadequate.
Yet, You promise courage and strength when we need them.
We know, in Your power, we can do remarkable things that cannot be explained.
Embracing Your strength, we can rise to great heights, overcoming challenges.
Thank you for the hidden strength only You give!"

Praise REPORT May 2011!!
It's been a year ... daily my family and I have prayed this prayer.
{No more treatments,  cancer has not returned.}

Listen,  this is a huge praise report and glory to the lord for it...
remember it's a constant battle to fight off the enemy who seeks to destroy.

My family still has a special someone in our life that has fought cancer for six years now ...
continuing to fight ...
ongoing ...
strong fight collides with strong faith ...
clinging to prayer warriors and the mighty had of the lord that is truly our HEALER!!!

May we ... Never - ever give up!