It is TIME for my SOUL to LEAP

It's TIME ...
for REALLY ...
are you READY ...
I am in awe and continue to be humbled by the hits The Word ANew is STILL recieving ...
When I started the blog in 2009,  I had no imagination big enough for what the LORD had planned for it.  I simply started it as a means for communicaton with my bible study small group.
I am moving The blog content here and will be adding new content as well.
2010 and moving forward still into 2011 has spun my everlovin head into complete understanding of what it truly means to live under the Lords Grace!
Complete ...

below is a devo post archived from the word anew blog 2010.
Happy morning,
Today my heart is drawn to Psalm 37. The LORD moves when He is good and ready.
And yes, His ready isn't always My ready.
I remember the exact moment the Lord spoke to my heart,
more like he smacked me with a 2x4 in order to get my attention.
This year...New Years Day 2010 to be exact.
Ever since then I have been on an intense journey-
searching and striving to fullfill the calling that He has placed on my life.
It's now May and let me tell ya,
His timing is perfect and as I live every day pursuing His will on my life,
things are happening right before my very eyes.
He is Mighty, Powerful and Nothing will stand against Him and His plan.

[ I pray someone can relate to what I'm trying to say here. ]

There is a point I have grown to in my life,
where He is in total control of every situation and I must trust Him, no matter the outcome.
He has moved my life in a direction that I knew I would get to sooner or later, I just kept clinging to my 'comfort zone' and not heeding to the 'out of my comfort zone' area I was supposed to go.
I have come to the conclusion that He alone knows the inmost personal desires of my heart and will mold my heart and desires in order to reflect His glory through me.
He is most powerful through me when I am weak in the area he chooses to use me.
I hope I have shared my feelings and thoughts here without confusing you...
Just know that I am certain the Lord is doing a good work inside you and me no matter our situation.

[ According to the Believer's Bible Commentary ... ]

But suppose you have had great desires to carry on a certain ministry for the Lord.
You feel confident that He has been leading you,
and your only desire is to glorify Him.
Yet a powerful adversary has opposed, blocked, and thwarted you at every bend in the road.

What do you do in a case like this?

The answer is that you delight yourself also in the Lord,
knowing that in His own time He shall give you the deisres of your heart.

It is not necessary for you to fight back.

"The battle is not yours, but God's!" 2 Chron. 20:15

"The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace!" Ex. 14:14

To my church girls and sweet note card takers,
Take down both of these verses and speak them over yourselves.
Please leave a comment and share your own verses,
I would love to hear from you.
Power in the Word of God!
I adore you ...

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