Digital Scrapbook Page | Load up on Sweetness

Goodness, I have been in between posts a bit here haven't I?  oops.  Ok, I am so sorry.  The last week I have been curled up "literally" with my kleenex and cough syrup.  Laughing I'm sure if you really know me...I mean yes, if you really know me you know what a huge _____ well baby I am when I'm sick! :(

Yippie, today is a new start and I'm finally among the living .... actually was able to run a couple of errands and things are looking up...."literally".... :)

This evening.... I was able to create a couple of layouts with some fab kits from OTS.  Darn the rules I'm strapped to .... I cannot post them till tomorrow.... cause see they aren't released till tomorrow so in the morning I'll do my darnest to get them posted so you can see the fab new goodies OTS has for April.
Ok here is a little tid bit of something I can share with you, that is available now. YES!  :)
You'll love these cool circle templates by JLD.  Check this out...
check out more great templates at our shop.
link no longer available sorry.

Sneak Peek!! Releasing Tomorrow!!

These fun curvaceous templates will be available tomorrow March 18!
Check back in the morning and I'll have more layout examples using these templates!

above layout created by Melanie Britt using Owl Tree Studios Tami Miller - imagine the possiblies
Joey Lynns newest template release Curvaceous

Digital Scrapbook Page | Week Nine 2011

this week was full of sunshine, yippie! time outdoors is always fun. opening
up the house and breathing in the fresh air. stirs the creativity in the best
of us. raeleen managed to build a few adorable ‘construction’ aliens with
nothing more than construction debris around the house. ruger
wasn’t as creative outdoors with his muddy bikes and shoes, but indoors he
was getting lego building busy! yes, this has been a creative week indeed.

Above layout created by Melanie Britt using Owl Tree Studios Joey Lynn Designs.
links no longer available. sorry.

Homeschool | Geography Puzzles

Geography puzzles.....
Our current news is covered with distress,  times of damage and many in need.
Our prayers are with Japan, Hawaii, United States West Coast and New Zealand.

The above puzzles are geo puzzles...
I purchased mine through Timberdoodle. They are easily found in any learning store or book store.
Thanks for reading about our day. ~Melanie

Digital Scrapbook Page | Week Eight 2011

[another great kit available now at Owl Tree Studio.]
Sorry links no longer available.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Just Me

Hello again,
Same kit just mixed up from the traditional greens to pinks...
{I'm a lucky girl to have the opportunity to create along side so many talented ladies.}
Live and Breathe pink and Dare to be a Lucky Girl!
Thanks for looking.
Frame & Mask by Melanie Britt
March Collab Kit
Just My Luck
link no longer available sorry.

Digital Scrapbook Page | So Lucky to have YOU

Rodney,  our eldest son.  How proud we are of you!
Guitar has become your passion this year.
How we have enjoyed watching you flourish toward your goals, dreams and passions.
We adore you.  Truly...
~Mom & Dad

March Collab Kit
Just My Luck
link no longer available sorry.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Smile Everyday

Smile Everyday..
The three title strips says it all.
smile everyday, live a full life, be your best self
I'm happy to present this beautiful digital scrapbook kit designed by an
Our NEW resident designer..Tami Miller. 
link no longer available, sorry.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Enjoy the Ride

love love this kit....
so fun, bright, and reminds me Spring is here!
great for summer days too.
Designer: TG at our shop.
link no longer available. sorry.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Ride/Walk...

Thinking to myself.... After completing a page,  standing back, looking over again and yet once again...then even again after posting it to my gallery and on this blog....There is something about memories being bring to 'life' in a scrapbook page. This page reflects the fun- but yet seriousness of our bike ride/walk. As the photos show, the older boys walked while the little ones rode their bikes and laughed like true 'little' siblings, turning around and then passing them again and again, -neener-neener- it drove the boys crazy.  They were so upset they had to walked and didn't yet have their bikes. Since then, things have changed, the boys now have new bikes .... make no mistake they are passing the littles ones by far. Thanks for looking. ~Melanie

Spring time fun, cheery and bright digi kit (enjoy the ride) by TG for OTS.

Digital Scrapbook Page | February Collage

A snapshot a day for week seven!
From snow to sun to bikes to sweets to hearts to studies.
Makes for an absolutely wonderful week.
Digital Scrapbook kit by Wild Blueberry Ink
Torta Gialla's Cutie Pie kit 

Digital Scrapbook Page | Dancing Shoes

Raeleen has been dancing since she was three..
A new pair of ballet shoes yearly..
She has quite the collection of very worn shoes she refuses to toss..
(and good reason,  I don't wish to throw away the memories either)
This year she added tap to her lessons..
So starts a new collection of dancing shoes!

The above digital scrapbook kit is available today at Owl Tree Studio.
Dancing Shoes created by Melanie Britt:  Simply Spring kit designed by JLD 
link no longer available sorry.