Digital Scrapbook Page | Ride/Walk...

Thinking to myself.... After completing a page,  standing back, looking over again and yet once again...then even again after posting it to my gallery and on this blog....There is something about memories being bring to 'life' in a scrapbook page. This page reflects the fun- but yet seriousness of our bike ride/walk. As the photos show, the older boys walked while the little ones rode their bikes and laughed like true 'little' siblings, turning around and then passing them again and again, -neener-neener- it drove the boys crazy.  They were so upset they had to walked and didn't yet have their bikes. Since then, things have changed, the boys now have new bikes .... make no mistake they are passing the littles ones by far. Thanks for looking. ~Melanie

Spring time fun, cheery and bright digi kit (enjoy the ride) by TG for OTS.

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