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Goodness, I have been in between posts a bit here haven't I?  oops.  Ok, I am so sorry.  The last week I have been curled up "literally" with my kleenex and cough syrup.  Laughing I'm sure if you really know me...I mean yes, if you really know me you know what a huge _____ well baby I am when I'm sick! :(

Yippie, today is a new start and I'm finally among the living .... actually was able to run a couple of errands and things are looking up...."literally".... :)

This evening.... I was able to create a couple of layouts with some fab kits from OTS.  Darn the rules I'm strapped to .... I cannot post them till tomorrow.... cause see they aren't released till tomorrow so in the morning I'll do my darnest to get them posted so you can see the fab new goodies OTS has for April.
Ok here is a little tid bit of something I can share with you, that is available now. YES!  :)
You'll love these cool circle templates by JLD.  Check this out...
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link no longer available sorry.