How to enlarge a low quality photo | DIY

This is my absolute most favorite photo.
The very first photo of all four kiddos together.
I just adore it. (Melt my heart!)
Taken with one of my very first digital cameras.
(Keep in mind, this is a 3x5 scanned photo, originally printed from a Canon printer in 2004.)
Needless to say, the quality is horrid.
Plan A:
I wanted to enlarge it but when I scanned and uploaded it to a print service, I got the dreaded image quality warning. Best that could be done was an 8x10 and that just wasn't what I wanted.  This is such a treasure to me, I had to have something bigger.

Plan B:
I figured if 8x10 was the best that could be done.
I would have to make that work.
And, make it work, I did. (DIY alert)
In photoshop, I divided the image into fourths.
Moving each piece into its own image.
I then sized them each to 10 inches wide and allowed the height to auto set.
I now had four separate images.
I printed them myself after saving at 300 dpi.

They turned out great.
I simply trimmed the 'inside' margins, taped the backs together and placed them behind a matte in a 22x26 frame.
And now.. Every time I step into my office.. My heart overflows.
And a little 'sigh' of "Gosh, How did I survive that?!"  "Four kiddos in six years?!"
But, I did and I wouldn't change a thing.

Just for fun.  Here they are now. 15, 14, 11 and 9.
They are posing in the same order.
I had no idea.  I didn't do that on purpose.