Visiting our local library

It's no secret.  The local library ain't all it used to be.
However, I must admit.
We have slowly become regulars at ours.
It took some getting used to, but overall we are fans!
The older boys take their laptops and download resources in e-book form.
Lately, the history and science DVDs have been a fave.
The little's stand and read three or four easy readers before making their way to the chapter books.
As they get older it really is a joy to watch their interest in reading blossom.
They each choose two books to check out and make a point to read one a week.
I have even found a few readers on our Sonlight curriculum list.
So far this system is working.
What about you?
Do you still visit your local library?

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  1. We use our library all the time too.