Digital Project Life | Week Twenty-Six + Day in the Life + A Freebie

Welcome to the Week of: June 24-30.
Canon Dslr (2) iPhone (32) Instagram (8)
State baseball tournament.
Day in the Life.
Around the house quiet moments. Love those.
Moon, the cat, on my desk. My morning buddy.
My cousins wife passed away at the tender age of 31. 
Such a sad week. By far the most beautiful funeral ever!
The funeral was on the 27th, which fell, on A Day in the Life. So you'll see tidbits of my dress, us in the family room waiting and a snapshot of the police escort to the cemetery.
Complete Digital Album Spread:
Day in the Life: July 27, 2013
I used the days app to document. I have a lot of thoughts about how it went. I hope to put together a separate post later this week.
Left Side:
Album spread with Ruger's insert.
Insert 3:
Ruger holding his trophy in the air. Priceless. 
Right Side:
1. week 26 title card, leave a comment here and download for free. 2. my day in the life collection 3. happy place collection 4. my open digital album spread 5. washi tape from my happy place collection 6. my for the love of the game revised collection (coming soon) 7. my digital wood veener clipboard (new) 8. this is what life looks like journal card from the seafoam collection 9. my photo templates (coming soon) 10. my digital album insert 11. my happy place cluster free download.
Tech Stuff:
Day in the Life:
is a concept by Ali Edwards
is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  I contributed to her Project Life e-book available here. You can find traditional supplies here and here. The digital aspect of this system is available at AC Digitals.
Looking for the week 26 title card?
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