Digital Project Life | Week Twenty-Five

Welcome to the Week of: June 17 - 23
Canon Dslr (14) iPhone (9) Instagram (4)
Raeleens Monster High Birthday.
Final baseball games.
Super Moon.
Playing at the park.
Monsters University Movie.
All things were good this week.
O My Goodness, did this week throw me for a loop.  I love the simplicity of project life.  But really, when life really happens and when your life is really full, I mean really full, there are just not enough pages to hold everything.  Not to mention, it seems that almost always 'life' happens all at once. Yep, I'm okay with that.  Makes for a more interesting week and I can now look back and say I am happy with how I captured our memories that week. 
I have started keeping a word document ongoing for each week.  Listing all products I use and tidbits of words I want to journal.  This way I am not scurrying around looking for notes on post its or scrap papers.  I have it saved in the same file as my photos and templates for that specific week.  Works great!
Complete Digital Album Spread:
Left Side:
The photo of Raeleen and I standing at the park is a Katie Periet: 3x4 Arrow Mask Card: Freebie at Designer Digitals. I squared the corners using the mask in the template.
Insert 1:
I used 2 inserts. The Monsters University insert above holds 4 3x4 horizontal cards.
While searching the Monsters University website for the movie poster, I found these Student ID cards.
I added a photo of Raeleen and Ruger. They turned out so cute, don't ya think?  Look below in my products used list for the link so you can make your own.
Photoshop Tips:
I created the ID card to fit a 3x4 horizontal card using a coordinating blue background (use your dropper to get the right blue) so it would fit.. Otherwise the download card is only about 2 1/2 inches, so it's to short.
Photoshop Tips:
To create the white outline on the summer joy overlay: duplicate the overlay layer. use the magic wand tool and click on the word summer. Select the white background layer while the marching ants are still active. Hit the delete key. Now you have a transparent 'overlay'. Deselect. Add new layer as a white background and there ya have it. :)
Insert 2:
What eleven year old girl wouldn't love to have a Monster High birthday?

All she wanted for her birthday was a white cube shelf to hold her Monster High Doll Collection in an ordering manner.  All dolls on stands and a little box to hold the clothes.  Mission accomplished. We, yep, even my not so little Princess was exhausted but happy! The photo frames are from the Monster High camera. Or just a simple google or pinterest search will do the trick.
Right Side:
Baseball. Final baseball games in fact. So happy with the way the single photos turned out.  Give me a good action shot any day.
A sunset. My fave.
And a couple of snapshots of Raeleen and Ruger at the park.
Products Used:

1. 4x6 photo templates elements are from my for the love of the game revised collection (coming soon) 3. Gina Cabrera: sun & shine badges : Digitally Smitten Free Digi Kit: Digital Design Essentials 4. digital open album design by me 2013 5. Title Card June Calendar, Week Twenty Five font: Motel Vacancy (stamped look)  6. Washi Tape from Berry Bright Collection 7. I love cupcakes, birthday sweets by miss tiina 8. monsters university poster and id card  from the movie website 9. Ali Edwards: summer joy overlay 10. ali edwards: so love these moments 11. Jady Day Studio: Park Cluster 12. monster high wallpaper 13. my so happy together journal card, cropped out in a circle.
Tech Stuff:
is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  I contributed to her Project Life e-book available here. You can find traditional supplies here and here. The digital aspect of this system is available at AC Digitals.


  1. Lovely happy pages! Thanks for the MOnsters univ tip.