Digital Project Life 2013 | Cover Page

Looking forward to new beginnings and a fresh "new" digital album.  If I may take up for myself and make a lousy, but true excuse for not posting this sooner.
"Creating this open album digital design sorta, okay, not sorta, it did, it kicked my butt."

Might I add that after this album and I went around and around in PS together:
I am truly thrilled with the way it turned out. Allow me to Toot my own horn. Toot! *grin. Oh, what a relief it is. He, can I call him, He? I hope, he will inspire digital memory keepers all over the Digi Blogosphere! If you follow me on instagram you probably have seen the process. Spoiler Alert:  There is a snapshot of the album Raeleen will be working with.  Yep, she will be joining me this year. Yep, she has quickly picked up PS basics.  Oh, how that makes me smile. I will be sharing only what she chooses to share and will keep her sweet little self as private as possible so please don't worry about that. If you have a darling daughter involved with your project Raeleen would love to hear about it.

Sorry for the overload of black and white, I couldn't hold myself back.  I hopelessly fell hard for chalkboard art.  I started messing around with the idea for my December Daily album and the addiction splashed over into Project Life 2013.  I promise to tone down the chalkboard art and add more color in the weeks to come. 

I created the black 'plastic' look album page cover to resemble a real life album.  Being to plain, I added our family 'saying' if you will for 2013.  This process took another few days before I figured out what I wanted it to say.  I almost and in fact started with Jeremiah 29:11. A favorite of mine but then wanted something more reflecting on our family personally.  The words I absolutely wanted to include were Journey, Story, Speak and Love. Many doodles later, this is the result!  I had no intentions on sticking it on my blog right sidebar until midstream into this post.  I now will have a reminder of why I do what I do - every time I open this blog.
The numbers at the bottom right are our family numbers.  A number for the age each of us will be turning in 2013.  Can you guess who is turning 40? 
I have been married to this amazing hunk of a man (you know as J or Jeff) for fifteen years t-o-d-a-y in fact. Love him so much.  If it wasn't for him, my dear blog readers, this blog would not exist. I am truly one blessed woman to be able to stay at home, home school our wonderful four children and care for our home sanctuary. 

Credits: All items in this post are designs by me. Look for a post in the morning of all my favorite "January" digital goodies. Including which 2013 Project Life core kit I will be using as well as other bits.


  1. Congratulations to you two! And you made a wonderful album. I love the chalk.