A Little Something + A Freebie

I have been organizing files and playing around with many options and ideas.  
I will have something set in stone soon. 
In the meantime, I have a little freebie to share.  A few journal cards I threw together this afternoon.  Enjoy! Click on the preview above to download.
Sorry, download no longer available, and has been downloaded 861 times.
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Okay, so this is NOT my title page or opening page for my twenty-thirteen project life debut.
This IS however the open album design I will be using.
And, I am still in love with the project life seafoam edition!!
So many cool cards to play with.

A HUGE Thank you to AC Digitals for sending it to me! 

And to start the new year off with a goodness, how about a rad new thank you card.


  1. Love that layout. The freebies are wonderful. Thank you!

    1. You are very welcome, Cerise! Thanks for stopping by.