Digital Project Life | Week Two

Ironing out all the unorganized wrinkles involved with this project.  Maybe if I didn't let it set in the dryer, it wouldn't be all wrinkled and need to be ironed out!  Ha! Pardon my pun, but as I set here typing .. my mind wandered off to my dryer that stopped hours ago.  Ugh!  The little clock in the right hand side of my laptop just turned 12:01 am.  Shesh! Time flies when your photoshopin'... yep that is a word.. at least right this very moment cause I don't want to correct it. 

Enough rambling Melanie! Get on to project life. Thanks for the reminder. 
Here we go... Week 2 and a little free download:

To my MAN,
Love is. Love is. Love is day in - day out living.
Love is taking time. Love is being teachable. Love is listening. 
Love is putting ones needs first. Love is embracing every moment.
Love is open arms and a giving heart. Love is celebrating life together.

Love is when you marry your closest friend. Love is the special life we share.

Love you more, Happy Wedding Day!
 ~A Woman in LOVE.

The day after our 1st snow.  When we got home from Tulsa, it seemed the snow was disappearing quickly. Ruger insisted on just one more run through the snow that remained. You bring so much joy.
Love you.

Fabulous View Love!  Our property displays the most perfect view of the E & W.  So I marvel at Sunrises and Sunsets. We are truly blessed to be a part of God's creation.
Raeleen and I were able to take an evening for a Daughter/Mom date.
We had so much fun snacking on popcorn, sipping root beer & making fun of ourselves in 3d glasses.  Belle is by far our favorite Princess and wouldn't have rather been any where else in the world.  If you have a chance to take your darling Princess to Beauty and the Beast 3-D.... Oh! Do go!

Hello Tulsa! Whatcha find? I do believe Mr. Ruger has found something with wings.
Sunday R/R = food + football.  Snow from Heaven.
Whew! There it is.  Week 2 in 2012.  I'm exhausted. Now, to my ironing...... *wink*

Happy Thursday! ~Melanie