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A Story Worth Remembering... Straight from my Journal... 
December 8, 2011 
Good morning Mr. Frost, 
This morning I held my coffee mug, fingers clasped together, as I stood in front of a frosty window.  My mind wandered quickly as I was reminded how God is always at work in our lives. How he continues to breathe life into our souls. God breathing on our window pane, the breathe of life, the reality of frost. Gives us something to 'see' .. something to grasp ahold of.  As I stood there my right hand slowly left my warm coffee mug. My finger made it's way to the window and wrote GOD. Then I turned, refilled my coffee mug and continued my morning quiet time in my favorite chair.   An hour later, the children awoke and eagerly entered our living room with hungry tummies. Up from my chair I sprung, even though I wasn't at a satisfying 'stopping' point.  To make pancakes I went.  As the first pancake hit the hot grease on the griddle, my two youngest, Raeleen and Ruger tugged roughly at my sweater.  Mom!  They repeated.  Mom!  My mind wandered to think what could be wrong.  They grasped my hand and said,  Come quickly!  They both took me, stumbling feet,  as they pulled on my hand,  to see...  Mom!  Look!   God! Wrote on our window last night! ~Melanie Britt

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