Digital December Daily | December 7

Writing a letter to your children.. 
Today I chose.. to write a letter to Rodney, Riley, Raeleen and Ruger.  The photo collage is filled with snapshots of our favorite ornaments hanging from the tree.  I made the Christmas tree mask in the background and added some glitter. 

The letter reads:
Dear Rodney, Riley, Raeleen and Ruger,
Decorating the Christmas tree was the one thing I grew to 'relax' about.  Having 
four children past the age of five, your Mom has learned to let it be.  Let all
of you children love your own creations, homemade ornaments and even the 
stringed popcorn you string all over the house.  Let you eat candy canes in
cocoa, no matter the sticky fingers and mouths.  As your Mom, I choose to remember
what Christmas is truly about; Advent.. which means a season of expectation.
Advent describes your heart throughout the twenty-five days of December
as you look forward to Christmas day.  The one thing that remains about Christmas
to you my child,  is the memories you keep.  The things you did, the things you said,
the things you ate, the things you made and most of all the ornaments you 
hang on the tree every year.  Even at your tender ages my prayer for each of you at 
Christmas is that you would hold Christmas so close to your heart, you will never take thetrue meaning of giving for granted! 
I love you, Mom.