A Season to be Thankful | November 6

introducing our dog Princess Goldie.....
A [FAITH]FUL DOG A [FAITH]ful Dog Will Play With You And Laugh With You -Or Cry- She'll Gladly Stay With You -Nor Ever Reason Why, and... When You're Feeling Out Of Sorts. Somehow she'll Understand. She'll Watch You With Her Shining Eyes. And Try To Lick Your Hand. Her [FAITH] In You. Is Matched By Her Great Love. The Kind That All Of Us Should Have.  In The Master, Up Above. When Everything Is Said And Done. I Guess This Isn't Odd. For When You Spell "Dog" Backwards. You Get The Name Of [GOD]. -Author Unknown

introducing our cat Moon....
God Created Cats When God created cats, He had no recipe; He knew He wanted something sweet, As sweet as sweet could be. He started out with sugar, Adding just a trace of spice; Then stirred in drops of morning dew,
To keep them fresh and nice.
He thought cats should be soft to pet,Thus He gave them coats of fur; So they could show they were content, He taught them how to purr. He made for them long tails to wave, While strutting down the walk; Then trained them in meowology, So they could do cat-talk. He made them into acrobats,And gave them grace and poise; Their wide-eyed curiosity, He took from little boys. He put whiskers on their faces, Gave them tiny ears for caps; Then shaped their little bodies, To snugly fit on laps.He gave them eyes as big as saucers, To look into man's soul; Then set a tolerance for mankind, As their purpose and their goal. Benevolent ... and ... generous, He made so many of them; Then charged,  with Fatherly Concern, The human race to love them. When one jumped up upon His lap, God gently stroked its head; The cat gave Him a kitty kiss, "What wondrous love," God said. God smiled at His accomplishment, So pleased with His creation;
And said, with pride, as He sat back, "At last. . .I've reached purr-fection!"
Author Unknown

Tonight, this Sunday evening.  I am thankful for [Rest] but most of all; Today I am thankful for our [Faith]ful pets!

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