A Season to be Thankful | November 5

Raeleen and I are nearing the end of our 2011 {ART} Journals. Yesterday we were in deep thought regarding our 2012 journals: We made a list paint, markers, stencils, mists, ect. Made a run to Hobby Lobby and ......  I hope this poem will speak volumes to your creative soul as it has mine..
My {ART} is no {ART} Without my mind's simplicity. My {ART}.....
does not want to subscribe to the view that unhappiness commands the world.
When I paint or draw, I keep my mind's thought-gardencCompletely free of self-doubt-weeds.
My {ART} is the hide-and-seek between my soul's illumining smiles and my heart's streaming tears.
The {ART}ist in me has three faithful, sleepless and self-giving friends: a newness-eye, an oneness-heart and a fullness-life. The heart of my {ART}  and the heart of a child are extremely fond of each other.  They love each other deeply; They need each other constantly; They are interdependent, sleeplessly. My mind says that anything I do...Is too insignificant. Because I am wanting. In qualification. Needless to say, This includes my {ART}work. My heart says that anything I do is too significant.  Because the God-Touch .... Is always there.  Needless to say, This includes my {ART}work.  The moment I start painting,  I clearly see my soul-meditation is blessingfully clasping. My heart-aspiration-flames. First things first: The {ART}ist in me,  Before embarking on his {ART}work, Invariably catches His heart's aspiration-express. True, in my {ART} I want to see The face of earth's beauty. But I want to see The heart of Heaven's Divinity More, infinitely more. - Sri Chinmoy

Oh, P.S. Our hobby lobby trip will have to wait for another post. Not sure when I can share....so....
Hang tight we are up to something fun!  *tease*
Today I am thankful for {ART}....