Digital Scrapbook Page | Fresh Memories

Love to READ.... Quality library time,  assignments and searching the book shelves! Enjoy times like these....{Fresh Memories}


In Loving Memory | Granny 2011

My Precious Granny

Your life was full of loving deeds,
Forever thoughtful of special needs,
Today and tomorrow,  my whole life through,
I will always love and cherish you.
There was magic in your touch,
Sunshine in your smile.
There was love in everything you did,
To make my life worthwhile.
I could find both hope and courage,
Just by looking into your eyes
Your laughter was a source of joy,
Your words were warm and wise.
There was a kindness and compassion,
To be found in your embrace.
As I watch the sunrise and see the light of heaven,
Shining from my Granny's face.
You are dearly loved and will be missed.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Winter Snow

Welcome January 2011..{snow is here}  A fine new start..For a whole new year. The snow comes down..In the dark of night. When we awake..The world is white. A year to be glad in..And not to be sad in. To gain in..To give in. {a happy new year} A new year for trying..And never for sighing. A new year to live in..A new year to win in. {a new year to play in the snow}


Digital Scrapbook Page | My Life

In every change that you experience in life,
there will be times when you'll wonder if you can endure.
But you'll learn that facing each difficulty
{one by one}
isn't so hard.
It's when you don't deal with a situation
that it sometimes comes back to confront you again.
Changes are sometimes very painful,
but they teach us that we can endure
and that we can become stronger.
including yours truly....
Everything that comes into your life has a purpose,
but the outcome is in your hands by the action you take.
Be wise with your life,
be willing to endure,
and always be willing to face life's challenges.
to me.....
Life is a personal journey to which each
of us must draw our own conclusions
and discover our own realities.
It is definately an adventure,
but we must all see the world for ourselves
and accept life for what it is,
for only then can we understand its secrets.
When I consider life and what it really truly means to me...
it is indeed worth the journey, no matter how many mountains I must climb!
blessed to share my life's journey,
Digital Kit by TG for Owl Tree Studio.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Talkative

"Parents provide their children with genes as well as an environment. 
So the fact that talkative parents have kids with good language skills could simply mean,
the same genes that make parents talkative make children articulate." -Steven Pinker
Digital Kit by Simply Kelly Designs at our shop.
link no longer available sorry.

Digital Scrapbook Page | Pillow Puff

Ruger loves his new dog pillow pet.  How I adore moments tucking you in at night.  You cuddle with your 'pillow puff' and have to give him a hug after you.  Moments like these are priceless.

Digital kit DejaVu by Wild Blueberry Ink 
link no longer available sorry.

bedtime ....but first step out in the snow!!!

So excited!! SNOW..... In the morning snowball fights! :) till then... good night.

Anticipation Expectation | Welcome 2011!!

Well, 2011 is finally here!
The anticipation, expectations of the new start, fresh, renewing moments have begun! Raeleen and I just posted our scriptures for SSMT over at the LPM blog and our besides ourselves!  Raeleen's very first verse to memorize in 2011 is Proverbs 15:13.
Mine is Psalm 90:17.

One little word I'm clinging to: Restoration.

You will notice changes around my blog over the next few days, as I have been working behind the scenes updating my blog design.  
Also joining all three of my blogs (the word anew and joyful homeschool)into one, here.. (embracing life's journey), this blog you are reading on right now will be my one and only.  
I will be posting all 'archives' and nothing you follow will be lost in the shuffle.  
I will do my best to be available with any 'navigation' issues you may come across.