Anticipation Expectation | Welcome 2011!!

Well, 2011 is finally here!
The anticipation, expectations of the new start, fresh, renewing moments have begun! Raeleen and I just posted our scriptures for SSMT over at the LPM blog and our besides ourselves!  Raeleen's very first verse to memorize in 2011 is Proverbs 15:13.
Mine is Psalm 90:17.

One little word I'm clinging to: Restoration.

You will notice changes around my blog over the next few days, as I have been working behind the scenes updating my blog design.  
Also joining all three of my blogs (the word anew and joyful homeschool)into one, here.. (embracing life's journey), this blog you are reading on right now will be my one and only.  
I will be posting all 'archives' and nothing you follow will be lost in the shuffle.  
I will do my best to be available with any 'navigation' issues you may come across. 


  1. I was looking for you on the SSMT Post and I couldn't find your name, but today I see you just posted it.

    My verse is from Proverbs 16:9
    We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. (NLT)

    Will watch for you both in two weeks.

    Looking for the scripture cards for Session 8 & 9 of The Inheritance, but did not find with the other info you posted. I won't need them for five more weeks yet. Thanks again!

  2. Hello Bev :)
    What a great verse to start the new year off. I'll get the note cards verses posted when I move all the info over here to this blog.
    Blessings. ~M