The Inheritance | Beth Moore | Introduction

Girls, it's time for The Inheritance study!
I am so excited to go through this study again.
For my NCCTK girls, we have already completed this study and I was in the midst of doing Breaking Free here on the blog so wasn't able to put the Inheritance on the blog as well.
BUT now this is our summer study at CTK and would love for you all to join with me as I get going on The Inheritance journey once again.  This is indeed one powerful study....
mouth opening, tear jerking, eye widening study.....reminding each of us that we have
a beautiful inheritance and not only a heavenly inheritance but an earthly inheritance as well.
I mean,  once I realized that I'm not only living for a heavenly reward which is my inheritance, but also that I have been given an earthly inheritance...ground under my feet and what in the world am I doing with it to glorify Him?
~I tell ya this study will make a woman place her feet out of her bed in the morning running!~

Ok, so the details....
Every week I will post the discussion questions from the video as well as ....
yep, you guessed it, notecard verses.  Living Proof has created a cute notepad if anyone is interested in purchasing it you can do so by clicking on the Living Proof link above. It is the notepad- I will be using as a background to house my weekly notecard verses.
If you are joining this study here on the blog or missed a week at the church...
you can find all nine downloads in MP3 format HERE.

At the end of the study I compile a little binder ring full of all the notecard verses for the girls at church, but if you are joining me here on the blog only and would like a set, please leave a comment at the end of the study and I would love to send you a set. :)

Happy to walk along side you,