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Covenant -God's Enduring Promises: Bible Study by Kay Arthur 

Welcome to Covenant- a bible study through lifeway. I am taking this study at my home church, this blog study is intended to help my CTK girls with their homework. As well as friends or family that are taking this study online. If you stumbled upon this blog through a search engine, link or word of mouth please feel free to join in and follow along, below you will find some links for the downloads and workbook. CTK girls if you missed a study, these can be downloaded individually. If you click on the covenant category (listed on the sidebar) it will bring up all the previous posts so you can have help to catch up your homework. The posts will not be deleted, they will be available for reference anytime...however when the study is over, I will close the comments as I start a new study.

I am so looking forward to this study! I cannot wait to dive in and study God's Word with you. It is my prayer that this blog will encourage you. I will post daily homework insights, passages, and hope that you will post any comments or questions you may have. I will title each post as Covenant 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and so on. This refers to Week-Day. Kay uses the NASB. When I mention a scripture I will link to bible gateway. If you choose not to color code in your bible, feel free to print them and place in a 3 prong folder. As well as a list of note card worthy verses. Have some note cards and sticky notes handy while watching the video too, there are some great verses she'll refer to that's not in your homework. I have supplied some of you with a folder, key word bookmark and a note card saver.

Now shall we get down to the details...Looking ahead through the 8 week study!
Week 1: The Whole Counsel of God: 9/21/09 
Week 2: In Covenant with Him: 9/28/09 
Week 3: The Customs of Covenant: 10/5/09 
Week 4: The Lord Watch Between Me and You: 10/5/09 *both sessions will be shown, 2 weeks of homework..due 10/12/09. 
Week 5: A Walk into Death: 10/12/09 
Week 6: The Oneness of Covenant: 10/19/09 
Week 7: The Covenants of Salvation: 10/26/09 
Week 8: Mediator of the New Covenant: 11/2/09 
Week 9: The Covenant of Transforming Power: 11/9/09

Covenant Resources Available...

Sample Session Marking Key Words ...color-coding chart Scripture Passages ..there are additional passages that Kay refers to, this is them ready for you to print. Session 8 Challenge Option Viewer Guide Answers ...fill in the answers before the video or to refer to if you miss a blank. Viewer Guide Without Answers

Now on to Covenant: Video Guide Introduction The Whole Counsel of God Kay hits home in the introduction: Give the Word of God and this study Priority!! In the video sessions Kay list the scriptures she will be discussing at the top of the page. I found that if I number the scripture references then in the margin number my notes as she discusses each scripture saves me time and keeps my thoughts in line. Just an idea to help you organize your note taking. The homework..don't panic..this is a very indepth study and will take a bit of time...simply do your best! About the colored pencils and marking...Kay is going to take me on a 'color coding' adventure since I have never taken a precept study. Remember this is an option, if you just aren't into it, no stress, at least underline or use your own marking so you don't miss anything. On page 11 Kay gives us another idea ... simply mark the key words on a note card and use it as a bookmark. She points out that throughout this study, covenant is the word you for sure don't wanna miss marking.

God is light, in him there is no darkness at all. 

I am but a lover of the Word, a broken soul, walking along side you as we grow in the Word together. 
It is my joy to serve you! 
Give this study your very best.....
Tomorrow I'll post the goodies from day one of our homework. 1-1! I'm praying for you girls, ~Melanie

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