Week One Homework | Covenant 1-1 | Kay Arthur

Covenant Beginnings

I so love how Kay starts this day with....
So you can fully appreciate the EXCITING, ENLIGHTENING, ENCOURAGING, and LITERAL LIFE-CHANGING truths in the covenants of God.
Okay, now she will ask you to color-code certain things. Here is the link to print the chart. (If you choose)
Marking Key Words This is simply a learning style that may not fit your style and that's okay, don't feel like you have to do it, no pressure.

Key Notes:
 Reading in Gen 6:5-22.
Color-code per Kay's instructions.
 If you don't wanna color in your bible feel free to print them out and put in a 3prong folder.
There are only two personal questions in day 1. Answer them from your heart.
Just so you are aware there are many color coding references she adds in the homework that are not listed on your key word handout.
As you come across one, I would recommend adding it for this study.
Today she asks us to mark references to time.
 The bookmark is to carry in your bible for future references to the covenant so don't worry about them not being on it. :)

Note Card: choose your favorite version.
2 Cor 5:9
We also have as our ambition...to be pleasing to Him. NASB

Make it my goal to please Him. NIV


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