It's Summertime | Swimming in the Pool

Gosh it sure does feel good to post some "everyday" photos.
This has been us the past few days.
Pool.  Rest.  Pool.  Repeat.

We got home from our trip to Washington this past Sunday night.
My photos are still on my camera.   But will share soon.

Here's to Summer!

Happy 4th of July | FREEBIE

I hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend.
Download this freebie on my facebook page for a limited time.
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Happy Father's Day + A FREEBIE

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!
Here's to a day full of hamburgers and hot dogs for all your Dad's out there!
I hope these journal cards will help you scrapbook the special man in your life.
Click on image above to download my gift to you.

Just Added a NEW | FREEBIE

Hey you all!  See I haven't completely forgotten how to throw up a blog post. *enter embarrass emoji*
I have a new FREEBIE up on my facebook page.
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I have a Father's Day Freebie post scheduled.  What? Overachiever. Ha!


NEW | Clip Art in the Shop

NEW Clip Art Sets.
Kites and Balloons OH MY!  On sale for $1.50 each.
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Memorial Day Weekend FREEBIE

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
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Happy Mothers Day + A FREEBIE

Happy Mothers Day to my Mama.
Thank you for the amazing Mothers Day from my crew.
Thank you to Jeff and my Daddy for the beautiful flowers and dark chocolate.
I love you more than words can say.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you!
I hope your day is filled with lots of flowers and dark chocolate......
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NEW Sugarlicious Collection + A FREEBIE

Woot!  I have another NEW collection out.
I'm calling it Sugarlicious!  
Think Taffy and Cotton Candy........
Click on any of the images to be taken to the shop.

This is my first collection to have all styles of paper include 28 - 12x12 sheets.
Above, is a random display of all colors and patterns.  There is no texture to these papers, they are simple colorful patterned papers that coordinate with my Sugarlicious Collection.

Excited for my very first embossed paper set.  This set includes slash, dot, stripe and chevron designs with a smooth linen texture.

I absolutely adore digital felt.  This collection is filled with solid, stripe, dot and slash designs with a "realistic felt" look and feel.

Sugarlicious Elements!
For the first time ever I am selling the original elements I create to complement my collections.
Paper Flowers with Acrylic Center.....O My.
I'm in love.

Sugarlicious Ribbon Pack

Sugarlicious Tape Pack

Sugarlicious Solid Alphabets.

Sugarlicious Slash Alphabets

For a limited time, download the Sugarlicious Cards on my Facebook page.
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Veneer Cards + Overlays = A Fabulous FREEBIE

Yay!  I just posted a NEW Freebie on my facebook page.
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As always, thanks for being a fan.
Free for a limited time.  Afterwards they will retire to my shops 0.99 cent page.

NEW Breeze Collection + FREEBIE

Excited to share my NEW Breeze Collection!
My absolute fave- hands down.
Spring colors couldn't be more delicious.

Element Pack includes 30 Flairs, 30 Circle Spots + a Printable Sheet (PDF)

Paper Pack includes 14 high quality 12x12 papers.
7 linen texture (JPG) + 7 transparent vellum (PNG)

Alphabet Pack includes 7 hand paint brushed alphas in all 7 colors of the Breeze collection.

For a limited time, download the Breeze Cards on my Facebook page.
Afterwards they will be available for .99 cents in my shop.

Visions of Palm Trees | Spring Break

Can you believe Spring Break is next week?
We are looking forward to some AZ sunshine.

Oklahoma Weather

"You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."
That's what I think of when it comes to Oklahoma weather.

Super Bowl Sunday + a FREEBIE

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
I have a freebie just for you Super Bowl Fans up on my facebook page.
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