My not so little | Littles

I don't know what to say, other than, they are my babies.  And even though they aren't "little" so much anymore.  They will always be my littles and will always melt my heart.

I love them to pieces.

Drivers Education for the Home Schooled Student | Part Two

Rodney got his permit back in June.  Tracking his driving on the road hours began. Going well. I happily update a safe driving experience.  I couldn't be any more proud of this boy.  As of today his hours are all complete.  Moving on (soon) to take the final drivers education test.  Stayed tuned for results.
You can read Part One: HERE

One of my favorite Sunset Shots

The other day I was flipping through my landscape shots on instagram.  They are all fun and I love them, but this one is the one, that takes my breath away.  I used my Canon to capture this.  Frame worthy?  I think so.

Teenage Boys

Crazy how fast the boys are turning into handsome young men.

Here we go: Riley #55 (lucky double nickel)

Rodney running #20.
And the adventure continues..... stay tuned.

Fall and Football | Football and Fall

The two just go together.
More this year than ever before.
I'm not talking Sunday - Snoozing football.
I'm talking: everyday. till dark.
Constant laundry of teenage boy(s) .... well .... if you have a football player .... you understand.
This is my life (right now)....
an ever changing organized chaos of busy.
However, throw in a beautiful sunset under Friday night lights and I suddenly forget the chaos that got me there.