Drivers Education for the Home Schooled Student

Oh, Yes! This is happening.
It is possible for you to teach your home schooled child Drivers Ed.
Surprisingly, I'm not as stressed as I thought I would be.
The blue S10 pickup Rodneys in was his Dads before he got a company truck.
Together they have been fixing it up.

I am posting this to help other parents get an idea of what they need to do.
The steps listed are what I understand to be Oklahoma state laws.  All state requirements are different.  See links below for more information.

Here's what I know:
1.  Jeff and I had to complete paperwork with our driving information and send it to be approved by the DPS.
2. I ordered a DPS approved curriculum.
3. Started the 30 hours of book work requirement.  (We are here)
4. Book work test gets mailed in to be graded.
5. When the results are mailed back, he can then go get his permit.
6. Behind the wheel training can begin.  (Approved letter from the state must be in the car.)
7. I must log at least 50 hours driving time.  10 must be at night.
8. Final test must be taken at an approved location.  (Since, I chose a local curriculum, Rodney will take his at that office.)
9. After passing the final test.  He receives a certificate of completion and is free to take his driving test and the DMV.  I must have all paperwork complete along with a parent signed homeschool affidavit. (Proving the child is in school)
10.  Proceed with caution, a new teen driver on the road. :)

Currently, we are on #3.
I will update our progress in future posts.
I'm looking forward to this journey.

If you have more information and would like to share.... Maybe you have more experience homeschooling high school and driver ed.  Please chime in by leaving a comment.

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be an expert to the home schooled high school student. Nor, was I compensated for this post. I purchased this curriculum and so far I'm a fan.
Rodney is my oldest and this has been my first year to home school high school.
That being said;  I did extensive research on the "requirements" pertaining to curriculum, credits, testing, colleges and state our laws.  I encourage you to do the same.

Parent Taught Drivers Education Information:
HSLDA has a wealth of information for each state requirements: Drivers Ed
The following link is for Oklahoma residents only: Department of Public Saftey of Oklahoma