Then and Now | Raeleen

Last week I was able to sit in on Raeleen's dance classes.
As I uploaded the photos ....
this one stood out to me ...
I remembered taking one similar of her.
After searching cd after cd,  I was able to find it.
Her very first recital.
The way she looked at me then, the same sparkle in her eyes, the way she looks at me now.
She takes three classes this year.
Every week.
That means for recital this year she will be in four different dances.
Four different costumes.
Such a joy to see all she is learning.
So worth every trip to the studio.
So worth every penny spent.


  1. My daughter adores her ballet - she does RAD ballet which is pretty demanding. And still totally love it

  2. Oh this brings back memories. Miss you all soooooooo much. Would love to be there and give Big HUGS to all. Mama.