Capturing Light with your dSLR | AM, NOON, PM

Yesterday I was playing around with the exposure on my SLR.  I was using the 'daring' manual setting. I have always been comfortable with adjusting settings, but never 'fully' manual.  I have to admit. So far, I'm a fan.  Above, is a shot of a lamp in my office. The lamp light is on, yet the sun light is peeking through the window.

I took this one in the shadows of our staircase,  love the way the chandelier light bulb reflects the natural light. Even though it looks like evening, it was taken at high noon.

Finally, I wandered through the house late at night, searching for a perfect glimpse of nightlight.
Well, I did indeed find some nightlight.  I settled with the steady glow and reflection of the nightlight in the kitchen. And with that,  I said, good night.

Playing with the settings on a SLR can be frustrating.  I cannot tell you how many snapshots I deleted. This was a fun challenge and a new claimed goal of mine. I have been jotting down more ideas of things or places, I'd like to capture.  AM, NOON and PM.... Yes!  I believe I have discovered the perfect photography - comparison combo.

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