Digital Project Life | Week Forty-Seven

Welcome to the Week of: November 18 - November 24
Photos: Canon DSLR: (14) iPhone: (4) Instagram: (2) Scanned (0)
Lately my DSLR has been my go to.  I am in the habit of using it more around the house as well as carrying it with me.  
Jeff gave Rodney the keys to his S10 pickup.
Jump start on holiday baking.
Raking up the last of the fall leaves.
I crocheted Raeleen a Barbie doll dress.
Funny snapshots of Moon. (cat)
Can't forget a snapshot of Joe. (dog)
Ruger had his staples removed.
Complete Digital Album Spread: 

Left Side: 


Right Side: 

Complete Digital Album Spread (A Season to be Thankful): 
Products Used: 

Melanie Britt Designs:
1. Photo Collage Collection  2.  Week 47 Stamped Weeks 3x4 Card  3. Oh Boy Driver in Training Digital Stamp  4. Digital Album with Templates + *Tabbed Album Insert +  A Season to be Thankful  inserts. 5. Cat paw print card
Not pictured:  Thanksgiving Collection available free for a limited time.

6. Catching Fire Movie Banner 

Tech Stuff:

is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  I contributed to her Project Life e-book available here. You can find traditional supplies here and here. The digital aspect of this system is available at Digital Project Life.