Christmas Tree Skirt | DIY

Here's how I did it... by making my own pattern.

Along with the material I bought a one piece 48" plain felt tree skirt.
I measured and cut it into six pieces.
This is what I used as a pattern.
I cut out all six pieces separately on the material.
My material was words so I had to waste quite a bit of material in order to make all the words read straight.
Three yards for this size was perfect.
None to spare.
Next, I cut and ironed fusible fleece to each piece.
Sew them all together.

You can see I numbered the back of every piece throughout the process.
I ironed down the seams.

Then it was time to put the back on.
I simply cut out the entire 'circle' on brown flannel.

Finishing it off with double edging.
That's it!