Remembering When | A Crochet Story

I haven't talked about it much here on the blog much.
Probably because babies, homeschooling, moving and house building is a bit time consuming.
I am thrilled to say that I am in a season of calm and peace right now.
Our house is turning into a home.
Our routine is set at a somewhat normal pace.
Evenings are spent in the living room as a family.
This is where crocheting comes in.

Here's the story.
I recently found a blanket I started for Ruger before he was born.
Yes, I said before. shhhhhh.....
Be kind, he was my fourth baby.

With it spread out on my bed, I stared at it most of the day.
It eventually made its way to the living room with me, along with the yarn and crochet hook.
I studied the stitching I used.
I even unraveled a few stitches to see how I did it.
You have to understand something.
My Grandma taught me to crochet at the tender age of 8.  I learned to read patterns as she did. 
By making patterns her own. (by that I mean: she would start following a pattern, maybe, learn a new stitch or two, then finish by the photo alone) 
Soon I caught on and was doing the same.  
I can look at any pattern, any picture of a crochet item and recreate it.
So, just like riding a bike.  
I set in the living room of our new home and peacefully started crocheting away.

Raeleen soon joined me with her own hook and yarn and I showed her how to create a simple chain.
This lead to the chain being as long as our great room.
A chat started about how my Grandma taught me to make Barbie doll clothes.
It was long after a Barbie doll landed in my lap. 
I second guessed myself, but I did it, I whipped up from memory a Barbie doll dress.  

Oh! The memories! 
I do wish I had photos of the doll clothes I created back then.
Little did I know, 
I would be a Mom to a little girl interested in a trip to Hobby Lobby for some sparkly hot pink yarn.
I am so looking forward to reestablishing my love for crochet into my life once again.
It's time.

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