Bright White Walls

A sneak into our home.
Right now.
What you just witnessed is a glimpse into our main great room.
Open entry way, kitchen, living room, dining room.
Tile throughout.
I originally painted two 'focus walls' gray.
The gray seemed to make the whole room look like one big shadow.
Second try.
I chose a golden rod color.
Two shades in fact.
One a bit darker for the fireplace wall.
Not only was this a 'sleepy' color.
I may have screamed at my camera trying to adjust the settings to counter the 'orange' glow.
I made the leap to back to basic white.
Bright beautiful white.
Doesn't get any better.
I cannot wait to get some art + photos (memories) on these walls.
We are installing a 50" television over the mantel.
Looking forward to decorating the master crafted mason work (Thank you, Dad!) this Holiday season.
We are currenting finalizing our plans for the staircase.
Looking forward to having this complete by Thanksgiving.
It is time.

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