Oklahoma Sky - Stunning Sunset | Wordless Wednesday

I broke the Wordless rules this week:
Last night the boys where outside kicking the soccer ball around.
When out of nowhere they ran inside to notify me of the sunset and they were in shock I had to be reminded. Usually I am good at these things.
Aren't they the best for thinking of me.
So I grabbed my camera, ran outside, I may have screamed at my lens a few times before it was capturing correctly.
Then, I proceeded to chase the sun down.
Ruger chose the photo above as his favorite.
If you look at the bottom right hand corner you'll see why.

Thanks for looking.
If you are interested in more Oklahoma sky photos.
The Pioneer Woman posted one recently.
She's my Northeast Oklahoma neighbor. :)
Just a tidbit of information you probably don't really care to hear.
Check out #oklahomasky and you'll see why I love my the Pioneer Woman and I love our Oklahoma sky!