Digital Project Life | Week Thirty-Nine

Welcome to the Week of: September 23-29
Photos: Canon dSLR: (0) iPhone: (11) Instagram: (1) Scanned (0)
We welcomed "Joe" into our family.
Soccer and more soccer.
Walks at the lake.
A low key, routine type week. I didn't have many snapshots.
All good this week.
Complete Digital Album Spread:
I used my 6x6 template only this week. I'm a fan. This worked out perfectly as I didn't have many photos to work with.

Left Side:

Right Side:

Products Used:

Melanie Britt Designs:
(1) 6x6 Collage Collection (2) Doggie Days (3) Week 39 52 Weeks in Chipboard (4) Digital Open Album with Templates (5) Hello Family Overlays (6) Heart Today Word Art
(7) Lili Niclass Word Art

Tech Stuff:

is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  I contributed to her Project Life e-book available here. You can find traditional supplies here and here. The digital aspect of this system is available at Digital Project Life.
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