Our Curriculum

Welcome to our 7th year homeschooling.

Our 2013-2014 curriculum.
Please keep in mind what I share with you today is our main core.
I will share games, electives, sports, hobbies, art supplies, crafts, field trips as they happen throughout the year.
We do year round - four day - schooling, so they have plenty of time to complete it as well as plenty of time off.
I strive to complete all the books on our book list. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't and that's okay.
Also, if you're thinking Oh! My! Goodness! That's a lot! That's expensive!
We have collected items over the years.
Our main purchase every year is for our eldest.
Then all non-consumables are handed down!
Our eldest has reached 9th grade. Eeeeek!
9th Grade:
Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1
New Testament Survey
English 1
Sonlight Readers
Integrated Physics and Chemistry
Alpha Omega Science Kit 9
World Geography
High School: 
Yes, it scared me. A little. Okay, not a little, a LOT!
Don't judge.
Let me try and answer a few number one FAQ's about high school.
I began searching in early Spring:
Research curriculum (do I keep records or a transcript? do they even need a transcript? Yes.) Required credits (do homeschool kids even need credits? Yes.)
Drivers License (does my high schooler need to take drivers ed? No, however some states require drivers school at your own cost.)
Head start programs (can my homeschooled high schooler attend head start? Yes.)
Emailing colleges (can my homeschooled graduate attend college? Yes.)
Diploma (can a homeschooler receive a diploma? Yes. do they have to get their GED? No.)
and so much more....
I will share my research results in another post dedicated to homeschooling high school.
8th Grade:
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra
Lifepac Bible
American Literature
Sonlight Readers
Lifepac Science
Alpha Omega Science Kit 8
Oklahoma State History
The Story of the Constitution

5th Grade:
Teaching Textbooks 5
LifePac Bible
LifePac Language Arts
Sonlight Readers
LifePac Science
Alpha Omega Science Kit 5
LifePac History and Geography

3rd Grade:
Horizons Math 3
LifePac Bible
LifePac Language Arts
Sonlight Readers
LifePac Science
Alpha Omega Science Kit 3
LifePac History and Geography

All Grades: 
Switched on Schoolhouse
Alpha Omega Science Kits
LifePac Science Experiment DVDs

Switched on Schoolhouse
Teaching Textbooks

Placement Testing:
Teaching Textbooks
Switched on Schoolhouse

Standardized Testing:
Sources of Testing Materials

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