Digital Project Life | Week Thirty-Two

Welcome to the Week of: August 5-11
Photos: Canon dSLR: (21) iPhone: (9) Instagram: (1) Scanned (0)
I have been using my dSLR everyday. Yay! I am attempting to make myself use it instead of my iPhone. At least at home.  I have been carrying it with me more too.  Then, of course, I get made fun of because in order to haul my dSLR around with me I must have a big bag.  You know those big purses that aren't really purses they are bags. The ones that have the big open space. The ones that take forever to find anything. The ones that have the padded pocket space for an iPad. Yep, those. Okay. really isn't a big deal unless you are little and the big bag - purse whatever you want to call it makes you look littler.
Highlights: My 40th birthday.  Maybe I should add this as a lowlight?
The week before the big day and the week after really affected me more than I realized. Today as I type this, I feel recharged and ready for whatever my next 40 brings.
We went to the movie planes. Yes, it was that good.
Rodney, my dear eldest son, is driving more and more. Every time we get in the car he is behind the wheel enjoying our country back roads. Soon, this will get boring, I'm sure and he'll beg, okay, I shouldn't say the word beg referring to my teen boy, how about ask, okay, I'll use ask.  Let's start over,  Soon, this will get boring and he'll want to drive me to the big city.
Lowlights: Thunderstorms. Rain.  I suppose it's not really a lowlight. But really, in Oklahoma, in August? Not normal. We have had cool evenings and rain.  Hard to believe the "hot" streak hasn't hit yet. Looks like an Indian Summer is in our near future. (As my Grandma would say.)
Complete Digital Album Spread:

Photoshop Tips: I used lots of photo templates this week.  My collage templates are perfect for making room for all those must use photos. Collages are so easy to use. I love the way text looks around the frame.  I also did a lot of text directly on my photos.
Left Side:

Insert: Happy 40th to me. Oh! My! I had a fabulous birthday. Thankful for all my family and friends. My cup overflows.

Complete Digital Album Spread without Insert: 
Right Side: I originally started journaling on each photo a little note to each person. The end result was simply a Love you So Much, Mama sentiment. I'm a fan. Simple yet from the heart. That's what this project is about. Savoring those everyday moments through photos and words. Since I'm the family documenter these little notes are from my heart about our lives as I live it.

1. *Week 32 Title Card Free Download at the bottom of this post.  2. *Collage Collection 4x6
3. *Collage Collection 3x4 4. *Digital Open Album Design  5. *Digital Album Insert Template *Melanie Britt

Tech Stuff:

is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  I contributed to her Project Life e-book available here. You can find traditional supplies here and here. The digital aspect of this system is available at Digital Project Life.
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