Looking Back | August

Goodbye August!

Bring on September!

A couple of reminders.
There are two upcoming classes you don't want to miss.
Be sure to check them out.

September 5th.
Project Life Lessons:
 728 x 90
September 12th.
Picture Everyday:

Hello flooring

Happy Friday!
Last weekend Jeff and the boys completed two bedrooms.
So proud of them.
Love the way the floors look.
So nice to have real finished flooring under our feet.
We've been living on subflooring this past year.
One more weekend.
Two more rooms need flooring and baseboard.
That will complete the upstairs!
Have a fun Labor Day weekend!

In the Kitchen

Lately my dSLR has found a new home on my kitchen counter.
Easy access.
Making it a painless to grab at a moments notice.
The arrangement may be nice, but I find I am grabbing it often.
In the Kitchen.
A new series where I do a 'photo dump' of food snapshots.

Digital Project Life | Week Thirty-Three + Freebie

Welcome to the Week of: August 12-18
Photos: Canon dSLR: (1) iPhone: (13) Instagram: (1) Scanned (0)
Highlights: We ate at Joe's Crab Shack. First time. We will be adding this to our go to list! The boys enjoyed United night at Oneighty.
Lowlights: All good this week.
Complete Digital Album Spread:

Left Side: Friday night homemade pizza. Cupcake watching. Duck and Koi watching.
Photoshop Tips: Choose your favorite photos first.  All of them. You can always sift through as you go. Then, easy on the cropping. Get excited about leaving some 'white' space for words. Stress free, journal as much as you like. I like simply placing one word or a word art brush. 
I try to save at least one space on each side for a filler card. Breaking up the busyness by adding a pop of color?  Lately I have been excited about creating the title card. Love that it adds so much to the entire project. I used my #2 template this week. Trying to change things up a bit every week.
Insert: The older boys going to our church teen program "oneighty". Love our church.
Oneighty's motto: (used for the journaling directly on the vellum)
We are young.
But that's not all we are.
And it's not all we should be known for.
We are young people who want to be known for more than that.
We want to be known for being faithful + pure + generous + honoring + bold.
In our world, it's easy to think that's not possible.
In fact, that's exactly what many people would have us believe.
But not us. We know different.
We know a God who has used young people all throughout history to bring light and life to a hurting world.
We know a love that has rescued us and we want others to get in on the same thing we've experienced.
Photoshop Tips: This template was super easy to make using my 4 - 6x6 template. I simply deleted one of the 6x6. The resized one of the 6x6 photo masks into 6x12.  A 6x4 photo works like a charm for this. A 4x6 wouldn't work so well. :)
Complete Digital Album Spread without insert:
Right Side:  Dinner at Joes Crab Shack. Part of our Saturday night routine. We make a point to find a new restaurant to try. Outside dining a plus! This restaurant was perfect. The outdoor seating was nice, complete with fountain, koi and ducks.
Photoshop Tips: I used one photo and divided it into the last 3 middle pockets. Added some type directly on the photos. A super fast and simple way to journal.

Product List:
1. *Week 33 Title Card Free Download at the bottom of this post. 2. *6x12 photo template 3. *September Collection Ampersand Journal Card. 4. *Digital Open Album Design. 5. Ali Edwards Circle Messages 6. *September Collection 7. *Vellum Overlay 8. *Digital Album Template 9. *September Collection Blue Triangle Paper (*Melanie Britt)

Tech Stuff:

is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  I contributed to her Project Life e-book available here. You can find traditional supplies here and here. The digital aspect of this system is available at Digital Project Life.
Looking for the July Week 33 title card?
Click on image above to download.
Please leave me a comment and let me know you downloaded it.
This will help me to decide if I should do more free blog downloads.
Thanks so much!
 728 x 90

Around Here

I have been reflecting a lot this week. Pondering new projects, designs, ideas.
I am hopeful this house of ours will start shaping into a home soon.
My goal before the holidays pounce upon us.
I have dreams of a mantel as it changes throughout the holiday season.