Happy 9th Birthday | Ruger

Happy Birthday Ruger.

Nine years ago today, I brought this darling little bundle of joy into the world!
Ruger is my baby and my baby is nine!
Gosh, so hard to believe that when he came home with me from the hospital he was surrounded by three older siblings who were babies themselves.
Rodney my oldest, had just turned six.
Riley my second born, had just turned five.
And my daughter, no kidding, had just turned two.

I survived.
You survived.
We survived.
I am here.
Right now.
Typing this.
I am not the same.
I am forever changed.
And wouldn't change a thing!

I love you Ruger,


  1. Nine years ago I was there to bring this bundle of joy into my daughter and son-in-law's home. Along with the three siblings awaiting their new baby brother home. He was almost born on his Nana's birthday, but then he wouldn't have one special all his own. Love you Ruger.