Digital Project Life | Week Twenty-Seven + free download

Welcome to the Week of: July 1-7.

Photos: Canon dSLR: (12) iPhone: (8) Instagram: (0) I used all originals this week.

Complete Digital Album Spread:

Highlights: Watching Tangled on the lawn at our church.
Spending everyday outside playing with firecrackers and cooling off in the waterhose. (Not at the same time.)
Had fun watching the boys put together our home firework show. (Every year this gets bigger.)
Relaxing at the lake before the firework show.
Capturing the Sunset. Always a favorite.

Lowlights: All good this week.  Thankful for a safe holiday.

Left Side:
July calendar title card free download
Captured the closeups of the kids while they were setting off their day firecrackers.
I made the word art for this photo, after I colored the letters red, white and blue they didn't show up, so I added a piece of masking tape behind my journaling and it became a piece of word art for my Red, White and Blue collection.
I am in love with the way the shots of the fireworks at the lake turned out.  Perfect reflection on the water.  Most photos are a bit on the fuzzy side, but hey, those were taken with my iPhone.  Next year, I am hauling my dSLR to the lake. :)

Insert: I used my template for with 12- 3x4 spaces.

Top: the boys putting on our home firework show and the littles with sparklers.
Middle: red, white & blue journal cards
Bottom: three firework photos taken at the lake with my phone. I split one photo between the middle two 3x4 spaces.

Spread without insert:

Right Side:
Word art added directly to my sunset photo.
Shopping with my big boys at Target. Be still my heart. This is what happens when you become a Mom to teen boys.
Rugers summertime playground... figuring the best way to prop the spray nozzle.
Outdoor movie on the big screen.
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Tech Stuff:

is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  I contributed to her Project Life e-book available here. You can find traditional supplies here and here. The digital aspect of this system is available at AC Digitals.
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