Digital Project Life | Week Twenty-Four

Welcome to the Week of: 
June 10 - 16
Canon Dslr (6) iPhone (4) instagram (3)
Complete Digital Album Spread:
Rodney turned fifteen. 
Fathers Day.
Winning baseball games.
Scoring A's on finals.
Family night at the movies.
A catcher jumped to catch the ball and landed on top Ruger. (see photo on right side) He wasn't injured, just a good ole' catchers knee pad to the side of the face, that's all. I hate that this happened, but I love the photo. If you look closely you can see his eyes squinting.
Left Side:
Photoshop Tips & Tricks:
I removed the background from three photos.
I adjusted the baseball and mitt to a 50% opacity and placed them under the journaling.
The card to the right I warped the text to give a bit of dimension on the card.
Right Side:
Photoshop Tips & Tricks:
The Dad Fest photo was taken at our Church.  
The photo of Jeff was taken with my phone while he was driving.  Sometimes that's all I can get. 
The Man of Steel image is the official poster of the movie.
I removed the background from the photo of Raeleen at Hobby Lobby.
Enjoy: this list is loaded with free downloads
1. baseball elements are from my for the love of the game kit free blog download | 2. 4x6 photo templates are my insta frames brand new | 3. man of steel image from the internet | 4. digital open album design by me 2013 | 5. my 52 weeks in chipboard free blog download | 6. red scribble alpha | 7. balloon elements made by me for this page | 8. berry bright collection blog giveaway this weekend june 29-30 look for the post saturday at midnight cst 9. dad free download by seal from a long time ago, i couldn't find a website, sorry | 10. for the record journal card seafoam collection | 11. bring on the sun ali edwards 

Tech Stuff:

is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins.  I contributed to her Project Life e-book available here. You can find traditional supplies here and here. The digital aspect of this system is available at AC Digitals.


  1. I love how you added the text to the annotation cards. Lovely bright (and white) pages

  2. Really interesting pages - always enjoy seeing people's different approaches.