Digital Project Life | Week Twelve + A Freebie

It's week twelve and I can hardly believe how time passes so quickly. Being, I am so far behind and the nature of events, I will start my posts current.  I will still 'catch up' those weeks, just not sharing them here on the blog.

What's Happening?
My Aunt continues to be in and out of hospital. You can read more about that here. Over the past weeks I have had many restless nights and countless trips to Tulsa.  Somehow with my families help, I have managed to stay on top of schooling and sporting events. Without them I would truly be a bigger mess than I already am. *grin. I used a journal card to jot down a simple daily log. Again, I blurred out words regarding my Aunt.
What's for Dinner?
I have to laugh at my photos this week.  Seems like the only time I thought to snap some was at dinner.
So there ya have it, I embrace my food snapshots proudly. :)
Completely Random:
Random snapshots are my fave. I love how this project reflects 'real life'. My Mom took Raeleen shopping for material and made a book bag. So fun! I even got a camera strap out of the deal. Thanks Mom!

My thoughts for fellow project lifers on what to do when life gets rough:  
Don't quit. There are bound to be ups and downs as one attempts to document everyday life.  But this year hit a real rough spot.  A mountain my family is facing, prayerfully.  I can only remind myself that as I document this journey in the weeks to come, I will have captured all moments meant to be remembered. While the weeks may be full of emotional times, there are many happy moments as I press through everyday routine. I choose to find and document those! Please continue to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.

And now the Freebie:
At the end of each month I giveaway one of my new collections, being the end of March landed on Easter there was not much of a response. So I am putting it up on my facebook page as a freebie. Click on image to download. Enjoy! Please leave me a comment and let me know you downloaded it. 
Sorry, download no longer available, and has been downloaded 325 times.
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