Digital Project Life | Week Five + A Day in the Life

Hello Week Five. Click on any photo for a clearer view. A full week indeed. This has been the most difficult week ever to record. I totally get why this project can close for so many. Believe me I struggled with it.
Nevertheless, I pushed forward- mission complete- documented and I'm so happy I did. Continue reading for more details.
Left side:
I used some Pink Paislee digital elements to highlight the dates for the week. I created the Super Bowl filler cards, I offered as a freebie on my facebook page. If you are interested in them, contact me and I'll send them to you directly. Good times. Sub sandwiches. Even a little nice weather this week.  A day full of bike riding barefoot and pretending winter will never come.
Right side + A Day in the Life:
I joined Ali Edwards in documenting the last day of the month.  I plan on continuing this in the months to come. May not always be the last day, but will be during the last week for sure. I created my own 6x12 template.
Love that this particular day I was able to capture the sunrise and sunset.
Left side + Day in the Life Collage:
I created a 6x12 collage template for eighteen photos with three columns for morning, afternoon and evening.
Simple snapshots that compliment the day detail list on the cover page.
Right side + Digital Scrapbook Page:
You can read the story behind this page: Here.
Left side: On the back side of the Digital Scrapbook Page I added The Ten Commandments of Cancer Survivor by Paul H. Klein. (found on the cancer center website)
To note:  I had a comment awhile back asking me on how I scan in my written documents. This was even printed in the Project Real Life e-book. This is NOT the case.  Confession: When I use "real life like" papers in my digital album they are NOT scanned with my handwriting. They are 100% digital.  I have created many different papers, legal pad look, notebook paper, torn worn scrap papers and so on.  You'll notice these throughout the album.
Right side: I chose to blur out the journaling on this page.  How I felt it important to document for my family, the words are very personal and not meant for the entire world.  I hope you'll understand as I move forward through this journey. 
I balanced out the emotional journaling with random smiling snapshots.

My thoughts for fellow project lifers on what to do when life gets rough:  Don't quit. There are bound to be ups and downs as one attempts to document everyday life.  But this year hit a real rough spot.  A mountain my family is facing, prayerfully.  I can only remind myself that as I document this journey in the weeks to come, I will have captured all moments meant to be remembered. While the weeks may be full of emotional times, there are many happy moments as I press through everyday routine. I choose to find and document those!

Please continue to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.

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