Digital Scrapbook Page + Life Update

Hello!!  Been a little while since my last post.
I have mentioned a few times here on the blog that my Aunt is fighting cancer and has been for almost seven years now. Well, the past few weeks have been busy as she has been very sick.
She is doing well right now, but changes daily.  Her husband, two sons and I are working together to make sure she keeps appointments and checking in on her.
You can follow me on instagram for peeks into my daily life.  For now, here are the words I wrote to my dear Aunt Becky. Please keep her and my family in your prayers as we continue this journey. Thank you.

Remember this Moment
January 29, 2013
As long as I live, 
I will treasure this moment. 
Today, the way you smiled, 
the way you laughed out loud.
Your positive outlook on everything you were about to face.  
You are a fighter,  
no matter the words from the doctor, 
a smile will overtake.  
My prayer for you is to remind God 
how he has given you almost seven years-
despite the doctors two months.  
Selfish I know, 
but I’m not ready to let go. 
You are an inspiration full of faith. 
Spreading hope to those just beginning their journey.
You walk in the Cancer Center like an Angel, 
ready to comfort others with your testimony.
You are proof that life is worth the fight!  
Aunt Becky,
I love you. 
Thank you for fighting.