December Daily | Mini Book Foundation Pages

Welcome to December Daily Twenty Twelve! click on the images for a closer look
Wowza, how fast a year flies, a complete blur, faster and faster.
Thankful for Project Life and December Daily so I can be sure to capture every stinkin moment.
Yes, in case you were wondering my December Daily is a complete Digital Mini Book.
Woot! So love creating these.  If you're interested you can take a look at my December Daily 2011 and see how evolved my digital book creating has become.  I thought of this idea last year.. it has taken this long to perfect the idea.

Here are the open album spreads ... the white background is the template for the photo.
There ya have it!  My foundation pages for my Digital December Daily Twenty-Twelve!
Supplies used for the Cover and Foundation Pages:
Keep in mind I will add more doodads as I work through the daily process and will list those supplies at that time. It is highly possible, okay, extremely possible, that I will be creating some very special 'freebie' doodads for YOU!

Thanks again for all the blog love.  I appreciate it so very much.  Leave me your link so I can return the favor.