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Almost always, I am at a loss of words when asked:  What do you recommend?  Those four little words coming from a Mom thinking about diving into homeschooling.  I'm embarking on our sixth year of homeschooling.  It took me some time to figure it all out. And I had and still have amazing mentors.  
First there is SO much to say that it is impossible to say it all.
Secondly there is NO way a new homeschool Mom would understand the ins and outs of homeschooling until they have actually experienced it.
Thirdly it's like riding a bike.  Noone can teach you or do it for you.  You are shown the basics and it's up to you to "Ride".

I will admit (it took me till the middle of my first year to figure this out).... the very very FIRST place a future homeschool Mom needs to start with is:  With You.  As the Mom.

Here are five books that I started with:
note: started with is in bold print.  there are many more.  trust me, your library of mom empowering books will grow like wild fire as your homeschool journey continues.

Sharing my Top 5 Favs of all time for Homeschool Moms.

1. A Mom After God's Own Heart: 10 Ways to Love Your Children (George, Elizabeth (Insp)) This book changed my thoughts about being a Mom.  If there was one book I could honestly say influenced my decision to homeschool,  it would be this one.  Hands Down!
Catch God's Heart for your children.  You want to raise children who are happy and successful, and who follow after God.  But how do you do that in this day of hectic schedules packed with friends, schoolwork, sports, video games, cell phones, and the Internet?  The first thing is to begin right now.  Today.  Share your love, your faith, and your values with your children.  With biblical wisdom and plenty of encouragement, Elizabeth George offers time-proven ideas and valuable suggestions to help you nurture children of all ages in the Lord.  You'll discover...
Easy to implement principles that make parenting enjoyable and effective.
Specific ways you can teach your children that God loves and cares for them.
Heart Response sections that help you apply the principles to your life
Little Choices you can put into practice immediately to make a big impact
Special parenting insights and strategies from a Christian Dad.
"God has put you in a unique situation where you have tremendous influence in the lives of others.  Be a mom after God's own heart! Help your children- no matter what their ages- experience God's love, God's blessings, and God's provisions.  -Elizabeth George
Wanna dig deeper, try the companion for a more indepth study. 
A Mom After God's Own Heart: Growth and Study Guide (Growth and Study Guides)

2.When You Rise Up: A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling  
This book is wrote with the bluntness of RC Sproul Jr.  He shoots his words straight.  In this book straight to a parents heart.  If your a Mom striving to raise your children with the grace that comes from Jesus.  This is a must read.
Who should teach our children?
What should they be taught?
What is the goal of Education?
RC Sproul Jr. provides this unique approach to homeschooling, answering these and other questions.  He maintains that education is discipleship, the goal is seeing your children bear fruit, grow in grace, and become more and more like Christ.

A 90-day guide to living the Proverbs 31 life.  A must read.  Homeschool Mom,  Mom or Woman this is a 90 day journey to take.  I got my hands on this book a little over four years ago.  She makes you ponder things you have never pondered before.  I loved this journey and stuck with the steps she guides you through to this day.  
Wanna know the secret on how to be a modern Proverbs 31 woman?  Donna gives you inspiration and practical direction to move you toward that goal with purpose and passion.  During this 90-day journey, you will walk the path toward better living in specific areas of life, including faith, spirituality, family relationships, health, business, home management, ministry and more.  The practical action steps will help you grow in character today- even as you set attainable goals for the future.  You can become the woman God wants you to be.  Let this powerful guide renew your energy and determination.

Empower your teens to be successful on their own.  Parents, start as early as possible.
In this fast-paced world, time with your kids at home is limited and , before you know it, the day will arrive for your kids to move out of the house.  Will they be ready for what faces them?  Quality time loving and getting to know your kids is paramount, but it is also extremely important to prepare them for living life on their own.  
No matter what your educational background or experience, you can apply these either simple, but profound principles to prepare your kids to be responsible an positive leaders in their communities.  Don't let your kids leave home without them.

A Devotional for Homeshoolers by Homeschoolers
Homeschool parents be inspired and start your morning right with short, uplifting devotionals that will warm your heart.  Originally created as a daily email for homeschoolers just like you,  these captivation stories have now been compiled into a must have, devotional book.  Discover new hope and encouragement for each day as you read real life homeschooling experiences that relate to God's word.  You'll laugh, cry, but mostly you'll be empowered to grow in your walk with the Lord as you enjoy the wonderful blessings of homeschooling.

I hope you are inspired by these choices and may you.....
Keep on, Keeping on!!!

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  1. I found you on the linky and I'm glad I did! The Joe McGee book sounds like one of real interest to me. I'm going to write the name/author down and have a look the next time I'm out shopping for books.

    1. Yes, so good. I bought mine after hearing him speak at our church. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is a really wonderful post. I hope you'll share it at the home school resource website, "look what we did." Others could really enjoy and benefit the books you have recommended here. -Savannah

    1. Sure thing! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    2. Sure thing! Thanks for stopping by. :)