Project Life | Week Twenty-Four

Welcome to another week: I enjoyed pulling these pages together. Many things to say about this week. Happy to remember these moments.  The ones that truly make this process worth every minute. 
Rodney's birthday. 14 {fourteen!?!} Amazing how time moves forward. Ready or not.  Saturday night we enjoyed the festivities at our church. Early Father's day celebration with a wonderful dinner at Charlestons.

Digital Project Life | Week Twenty - Three

I am in LOVE and LOVE what I'm doing .. RIGHT now .. Honestly, the last 18 mos. while building our house, I have learned to be HAPPY with my creative process as it unfolds .. Project Life has been a true adventure .. up and down ..  " should i quit or keep plugging along " ? Whether behind or on top of my creative game .. struggling to find the time to even think about preserving the moments of life that are happening and I'm talking living, life that happens and doesn't care if you're building a house or not. 
if you have been following my project life you know i have been attempting to achieve perfection of my digital album background and page protector look & feel.  adjusting weekly.

I do LOVE this NEW look that i have used today. To me it seems so REAL and that is exactly the look I was hoping to achieve. I hoped the album to look like you could reach out and touch it. I am HAPPY with the look & feel and will continue using this album and page protector background throughout my project life journey in 2012. Who knows what I'll come up with in 2013. 

John Deere (heavy equipment) SHOW AND PARTY at Jeff's work.

At the LAKE with Riley's baseball team ..and that finishes up week twenty-three ..
Project Life to me - was and still is a project I embarked on so I could SIMPLIFY = photos + words.
In the middle of it all .. I lost focus on simplicity. Causing the entire process to become vexing and not a CREATIVE outlet for me at all .. more like PRESSURE to get the next week complete and posted. Please don't mis-read me .. I do enjoy project life.  I also enjoy creating journal card freebies for you to download .. having said all that .. like i just spilled my beans all over this post .. I am discovering my creative process as it unfolds this year .. hear my creative heart. I choose to be more  CREATIVE  with more HE[ART] projects. I long to create more SCRAPBOOK PAGES with more COLOR|PAINT|BRUSHES|LAYERS ... [ just to be clear .. i am NOT quitting project life. ]  AFFIRMATION for today ..
I will spend LESS time over-thinking my weekly Project Life and MAKE time for my ART-JOURNAL as well as CREATING more  SCRAPBOOK-PAGES and WALL ART!!
I have been asked to share some of our house building journey.  I purposely left this out of my weekly Project Life.  When I sat down to create a page, after working on the house or buying for the house all day, I couldn't bear seeing photos. However, we are living in the almost finished house now, and I'm in the process of turning it into our home. Being it's August, I am preparing our curriculum and lesson plans as well. That's another post.  I have many photos to share of the decor, paint, ect.  If you follow me on instagram and pinterest you'll see sneaks ever so often. On the right sidebar you'll find the links. So hang tight.... more to come.

supplies: Digital Project Life Clementine, Template my own, Digital background freebie, Digital Page Protectors and Album my own.

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Digital Project Life | Week Twenty-Two

Welcome to Project Life | Week Twenty - Two  Another week complete, another week crazy, another week attempting to stay cool.. complete - crazy - cool too hot!!

There ya have it.. a wrapped up week twenty two.. bare with me.. I am still behind.. this I know. *wink