Digital Project Life | Week Twenty-One

Happy dance: Guess what? I grabbed me some digital project life for 20% off at jessica sprague! Woot! Bought some of the clementine kit and so glad I did.  Love it.

That rounds up week 21.. still playing catch up..

Digital Project Life | Week Twenty

Welcome to Week Twenty.  Happy with my digital page protector background.  Today I had a chance to play around with the opacity.  Discovering that at 50% my page protector looked more "real".  So I need a background album for display purposes.  Check it.. this week over at jessica sprague all products are on sale - including project life products! *grin* Okay, so besides that minor detail I came across this digital page background created by Jessica herself. I couldn't believe it, just what I was thinking .. perfect .. perfect .. Okay, so it's a free download! Yes!  So if your a fellow digi project lifer... go... get yours here.

Not many snapshots this week. A few simple grab my phone moments. I know, boring right? 
Well to my defense, when your building a house.... trying to live a normal life (what's normal anyway) is... well.... impossible challenging.

Mothers day: A fun day for me (really just for me) yeah! Great eats at Logans.  Also a beautiful beautiful heart felt card from Jeff! (the best hubby ever) And especially the cute, cute handmade card goodness from the littles!  It's true having littles around keeps the heart young.  A floating balloon: two hanging baskets (one is no longer with us):  A perfect day indeed: complete with a yummy cake!  All I can say:  My life #1's own my heart!

Digital Project Life | Week Nineteen

This week was extremely full. 
Here are some highlights.
  • landscape - rock - stone browsing
  • the avengers movie night
  • riley's 13th birthday celebration
  • raeleen's dance class photo shoot
  • dollar bins at target - love. them.
  • art.
  • video game playing
  • driving
  • sunset gazing
  • relax. eat. enjoy.
  • plain ole' livin'

Here's to another week of project life complete! Woot!